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Festival de Marseille

Du temps où ma mère racontait

Ali Chahrour

dance theatre music

Ali Chahrour’s musical, theatrical and choreographic performance pays tribute to mothers and their unfailing love. At the same time, it continues to explore grief in an intensely dramatic and incredibly tender show where dance and music are rooted in ancient gestures whose power remains intact.

Two poignant stories exist side by side in this narrative inspired by the Lebanese artist’s family history, performed by three actors, the group Two or The Dragon and himself. In the gloom, Leila tells of her struggle and that of Fatmé: one fighting to save her son from becoming a martyr, the other to find her lost child. Their powerfully staged testimonials are presented as “interwoven chants, syncopated gestures and half-glimpsed situations”. It’s hard not to be drawn to these two stories told via the intensity of the human voice, the poetry of the body, the force of presences, and the pop-rock energy of Middle Eastern-inspired music.
With both restraint and intensity, the piece speaks of love and death, recurrent themes in Chahrour’s work, which can also be seen in his new creation Iza Hawa presented in June 2023 at the Rencontres à l’Echelle Festival in Marseille.

En coréalisation avec le Mucem

Practical information

2023 edition

Duration : 1h 10


Aged 12 and over

Where ?
MUCEM - Fort Saint-Jean

Entrée esplanade du J4 : 7, promenade Robert-Laffont (esplanade du J4), 2e

tél. 04 84 35 13 13

Métro - 1 arrêt Vieux-Port ou arrêt Joliette (10’ de marche)

Tram - 2 arrêt République-Dames ou Joliette (10 à 15’ de marche)

Bus - 49 arrêt Église Saint Laurent, 83 arrêt Mucem Saint-Jean, 60, 82, 82S arrêt Capitainerie

Bus de nuit - 582 arrêt Capitainerie

Vélo - station Quai du Port, station Mucem

Parking - Indigo, Vieux-Port Mucem


Price €10

Book !


Création 2021
Chorégraphie, mise en scène : Ali Chahrour
Interprétation : Hala Omran, Laila Chahrour, Abbas Al-Mawla, Ali Hout, Abed Kobeissy, Ali Chahrour
Musique : Two or The Dragon (Ali Hout, Abed Kobeissy)
Assistant chorégraphie et mise en scène : Chadi Aoun
Production : Ali Chahrour  
Directeurs de production: Chadi Aoun, Christel Salem
Scénographie : Guillaume Tesson, Ali Chahrour
Création lumières, directeur technique : Guillaume Tesson
Conception sonore : Woody Naufal, Benoit Rave
Photographies : Myriam Boulos
Typographie : Khajak Apelian
Mise en Page : Chadi Aoun
Rédactrice : Isabelle Aoun
Coproduction : Théatre Zoukak, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture «AFAC», Arab Arts Focus avec le soutien de Stiftelsen, Studio Emad Eddin et la Fondation Ford, Napoli Teatro festival, Saadallah et la Fondation Lubna Khalil, Kunstfest Weimar, Zurich Theater Spektakel, Mahmoud Darwish Chair/Bozar


Photographies ©Christophe Raynaud ©Myriam Boulos

En coréalisation avec le Mucem