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Festival de Marseille

rope, the odyssey

Let's celebrate solidarity and meet up on Saturday, January 22nd for a drink on the rocks with La Cloche !


An extraordinary artefact that was made way too big to be useful, Rope travels the world with artist Ief Spincemaille. Together they try to become part of our everyday life and to imagine new ways people and things could share a space. After spending some time in different neighbourhoods of Marseille last summer, Rope decided to leave behind 11 meters of her huge body to keep exploring the city until 2023.  


The next step of her travel has been conceived by volunteers from La Cloche for the first 2022 solidarity gathering of the organization. It will take place at the climbing center Arkose - 101 bd Michelet.






This adventure is being invented with you ! Adherents, beneficiaries, students, colleagues, neighbors, friends : if this experience tickle your imagination then join us ! 



How? Implementation of one or a series of workshops based on the scenario proposed by participants with help from the Festival team. 


Who for? Everyone! Come on your own or with your gang (adults / children from 7 years old).


What for? Strenghtening the group, enhancing creativity, learning to trust one another and to work together, having fun, inventing new common grounds. 


When? 2021 to 2023: we can adapt the timing to each group or organization.


Where? Whole Marseille, public and private spaces



It's free ! Register on publics at ]



Original idea from Ief Spincemaille and Festival de Marseille

With support from Préfecture à l’égalité des chances and Commission européenne - Fonds Europe créative dans le cadre du projet européen BE PART

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