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Tools to navigate through the creation of this piece

As a director, I follow the flows of text, live music, video art and dance in search of a new performative language. This
piece lies in the intersection of these flows: queer is a new aesthetic: a pop piece with classical operatic bursts, a dance
piece with steadiness in its heart, a cinematic concert: it is a Greek tragedy in the metaverse.

As a writer, I plunge into the myth, into the unresolved world of desire and of the mythical atrocities. The piece sets off
in a neofuturistic politically correct world, where people live according to a set of rules in a hyper realistic house. It is a
melancholic world of gender micro labeling and asphyxia that is interpreted as freedom of expression. Servants and
rich masters expect the meteorite “Dionysus” to hit and destroy earth.“Dionysus” arrives and advocates the fulfillment
of their deepest desires.

What does it mean to "queer" the world around us? How is the mainstream codification of GLBT identity as a new
gender norm come into question? How do our notions of orientation inform our politics-and vice versa?

Ranging from the theoretical to the playfully personal, the piece attempts to explore the possibilities of the concept of
"queering," turning the dominant, and largely heteronormative, structures of belief and identity inside out. Ranging in
topic from the economy to politics, social structures, sexual practice, interpersonal relationships, and beyond, the piece
suggests that queering might be more than a set of personal preferences-pointing toward the possibility of an entirely
new way of viewing the world. Over and above us. Open to Animals, to Things.

A real seismograph on stage throughout the show monitors the Earth’s & the dancers’ vibrations and triggers a sound
environment that is processed in real time (created especially for this piece). The stage floor is a musical instrument: it
is the Pulse of the Kosmos.

We zoom into the matter itself, we zoom out onto the kosmos. This work takes the form of a moving painting (live
cameras), a visual concert where music is visuals and vice versa.

The methodology involves physical and political experimentation on behalf of the performers: 'Why not walk with the
head,see with the skin, breathe with the belly, Simple Thing, Entity, Full Body, Skin Vision, Love, Experimentation

Elli Papakonstantinou